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Catfish Bank Tournament





My name is Jason Atkins. I’m the president of Atko fishing tackle.   In 2021 my buddy Jeff And I went out to a catfishing spot where I knew the bite would be hot.  

Well that one trip turned in to a relentless summer of catfishing where we competed in a bunch of different online tournaments.

We had such a blast! And it was a great distraction from the crazy world right now.  It was so much fun that we knew we had to get more folks involved.

The great thing about online bank fishing tournaments is that anyone can get involved.  No boat needed, you can fish your own local public water and fish when you have the time.   

Jeff and I  decided to create our own tournaments incorporating the things we liked about other tournaments and leaving out what we didn’t. 

If you're interested then complete the form below and we'll send you and email with the links to our FB Group and our club on the tournament app.