Beast Slayer Circle Hooks 20pk

Beast Slayer Circle Hooks 20pk

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 The Absolute Perfect Circle Hook

The truth is there are two things we're after when we are serious about fishing.  One being pictures of a big fat monster fish to send to our buddies or a fat pile of fillets to go into the hot grease for that family fish fry.  If you're like me then its both!

Do you know the quickest way to improve your chances at that?  The answer is to improve your hookups.  That alone puts more fish on the board faster than anything.  So get your Beast Slayer Circle Hooks and watch the video in the link below to make an immediate improvement in your score.  

Why are these hooks so good that they will hook fish without your permission? 

Glad you asked 


  • Inline Eye Bend-for snelling or my favorite-looping(see video link below)

  • Slight Offset-important for perfect hookset

  • Wide Gap- a must for circle hooks and big baits

  • Sharp Point- of course

  • 20 Hooks Per Pack-they will last you a while

  • Loaded With BFE (Big Fish Energy)-for slaying da BEAST!!!


Comes with Jason's Shark Infested Guarantee

I can promise you'll be so happy with these hooks that you'd jump into shark infested waters to get them back! (of course you'd rather send your mother-in-law)

I can make that guarantee because I personally use these and put them to the test week in and week out.  I wouldn't use anything else!  I've used them to win several catfish tournaments this summer and they have also been used to win a Cabela's King Kat tournament on Truman Reservoir!  I have also used them to catch black drum, bull reds, whiting, giant stingrays,  and a 7.5ft sandbar shark to name a few.

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with them,  just send them back for a refund (I’ll just add them to my personal tackle box. I can never have enough of these!)

Want to know MY SECRETS to getting catfish and surf species to hook themselves with circle hooks?  Go to and I'll send a video directly to your email showing how I do it.

-Jason Atkins

 Atko CEO