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Beast Slayer Circle Hooks 20pk

Beast Slayer Circle Hooks 20pk

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"The Fish Hook Themselves!"

Are you looking for monster fish so you can post pics on social that make your friends jealous or are you the type that wants a freezer full of fillets for that upcoming fish fry?

If you're like me its both!

Have you felt the frustration of getting a monster hit, only to have it come unhooked?

Well it's your lucky day, because Atko Beast Slayer Circle Hooks literally hook the fish for you.  They turn even and ordinary fisherman into a BEAST SLAYER!!! (how do you think they got their name?)

Why are these hooks so good that they will hook fish without your permission? 

Glad you asked

  • Inline Eye Bend-for snelling or my favorite-looping(see video link below)

  • Slight Offset-important for perfect hookset

  • Wide Gap- a must for big baits

  • Sharp Point- will pierce the toughest mouths

  • 20 Hooks Per Pack-they will last you a while

  • Loaded With BFE (Big Fish Energy)-for slaying da BEAST!!! (They've been used to catch 3 IGFA All Tackle Length World Records)

 *Need the Toughest Monofilament Leader to go with your Hooks?-click here*

Comes with Jason's Shark Infested Guarantee

I can promise you'll be so happy with these hooks that you'd jump into shark infested waters to get them back! (of course you'd rather send your mother-in-law)

I can make that guarantee because I personally use these and put them to the test week in and week out.  I wouldn't use anything else!  I've used them to win several catfish tournaments myself and they have been used to win a Cabela's King Kat tournament on Truman Reservoir!  I have also used them to catch black drum, bull reds, whiting, giant stingrays,  and a 7.5ft sandbar shark to name a few.

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with them,  just send them back for a refund (I’ll just add them to my personal tackle box. I can never have enough of these!)

Are you unsure if Atko Beast Slayer Circles are right for your?  I understand. 

How about I give you MY SECRETS to getting fish to hook themselves with circle hooks?  Go to CircleHooks.AtkoFishing.com and I'll send a video directly to your email showing exactly how I rig them up and even how I set up my rod and reel.

*Looking for the very best leader material for your circle hook rigs? We got your back ->->REAPER MONO LEADER

-Jason Atkins

 Atko President

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Name says it all

Excellent hooks, used them in Suriname for Lau, Guyana for Arapaima and Redtails, and here in MN for lake sturgeon and catfish!

Fred Jordan

They are my “GO TO” hook for Blue Cats! I also use the smaller ones for Stripers! They are Awesome! & so is your service 👍. Thanks!!

Jason Crafton
Best hooks on Earth.

I am a lifetime customer now. What an amazing product. If you want to land more fish you are going to want the best hook on the market. ATCO beastslayer circles hooks are the best on the market.

Merlyn Johnson
Very Sharp Hooks.

I have been using the 12/0 Atkins hook for about 2 weeks in my Guide Business, Bluecatters Pro Guide Service fishing daily.. Great hooks for all sizes of blues from eaters to.Monsters. Love Them!

Christopher Hartmann
Beast Slayers

Look, I'll be straight-up.

Have I tried every hook out there? No, I have not.

Have I tried a bunch and settled for a while on a couple? Absolutely.

I'm a specific type of angler. I'm in my kayak. I have a specific system that requires every single part of my rig from the rod all the way to my hook...to work together as a team.

My Beast Slayer 12/0 are where my allegiance lies now. I gave them a trial run all of 2022 and they didn't let me down a single time. Not one.

They're sharp, strong, and the shape is perfect for what I'm doing.

Additionally...the customer service is at the top of the mountain. The hooks come in a really sweet (and useful) metal container. The owner takes care of everyone the same...whether you're personal friends or just someone who happened upon the brand. Everyone gets the same customer service...and that's highly valuable these days.

My kayak is parked here and will be until I'm done chasing giants from my kayak...so pretty much until I'm laid to rest.

-Bird On Cats