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Atko Leviathan Braid-

Atko Leviathan Braid-

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A World Record just took your bait, your rod is bent hard, drag is peeling and the fish is headed for cover!  Can you tighten the drag? Is your line up to the challenge?

Well if you spooled up with Atko Leviathan it is!

Leviathan come pre loaded with BEAST SLAYING CONFIDENCE!

We can say that because Leviathan comes from an abusive past.  That's right, before it ever saw the light of day it was tortured in the dark.

You see we won't put our name on something unless it can handle being horribly mistreated.   

We're hard working and even harder fishing rednecks. We fish in gnarly places covered in sweat, blood and bugs.  We fish in the salt and sand all night long and forget to clean our equipment. 

We work for a living so our gear rides with us all summer long so we can run right to the water after punching out.  That means our equipment spends day in and day out in a melting hot truck.  We leave our line on our spools for way too many years and we fish for the biggest beasts we can find no matter where we find ourselves. 

Atko Leviathan Braid never lets us down

Before we ever sold one spool of Leviathan we put it to the test. From the remote lakes of Canada to the glass clear waters of Florida, we tested it day in and out.  We abused and trashed it.  We snagged paddlefish in muddy log jam strewn Missouri rivers, slinging giant weights and monster treble hooks.

Then our customers got their hands on it and went to battle.  It's being used on charter boats in Alaska to drop hundreds of feet down to monster halibut and lingcod.  Its being used all over South Florida to catch exotic snakeheads and peacock bass.  Monster tarpon and snook on the East Coast, piles of stripers in Texoma, giant bass in Arizona, bass and salmon in New York,  behometh catfish in Oklahoma and the list goes on.  Even giant wels catfish in France have succumb to the strength of Leviathan.  Leviathan always wins!!!

Now Leviathan has a reputation and its lists of battles keep growing.  Leviathan is ready for you to SLAY THE BEAST

I could give you all the technical details about Leviathan, but what really matters is that it comes with my MEGA BEAST GUARANTEE.

What is that? Well I am confident that Leviathan Braid can easily handle a World Record of whatever you fish for.  In fact it currently has 3 IGFA World Length Records under its belt.

If at anytime of you using Leviathan you don't feel the same way, just wind it up and send it back to me.  I'll give you a full refund. No questions asked.  Its that simple.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Orie Adcock
Best Braid I've ever used.

I've used many different braids but when it comes to casting and handling, Leviathan is the best I've ever used.

Mac Whiskerfisher
Best braid on the market by the best guy in the industry

Not only is ATKO Leviathan super braid the smoothest, strongest, and down right durable braid in the entire market, the owner Jason is a man that words could never describe but heres a few, honest, reliable, trustworthy, generous and humble, folks the list goes on. Any product you find on this website is top quality tried and true and once you use it your confidence in your gear will multiply significantly. I know this first hand. If your considering giving the braid, leader line or hooks a try. Do you self a favor and stack that cart up! Thanks Jason!

kipp Collins
Braided line

Good looking colors with a lot or different weight and length options

Reliable & Affordable

I’ve been using Atko Leviathan braided fishing line for around 2 years and I will not switch to anything else! I’ve caught so many fish on this fishing line both salt & freshwater, it really is amazing!

Jonathan cotler
Best bang for the buck!

Braided fishing line that is round, lays flat and cast smooth. It will fish just as good or better than all of those expensive brands. I switched from 832 and I ain’t looking back! Keep kick ass bubba!