Atko Leviathan Braided Fishing Line-

Atko Leviathan Braided Fishing Line-

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Atko Leviathan come loaded with confidence.  Of course it has all the characteristics you expect from your braid, sensitivity, zero stretch for long hook sets, and thin diameter.

But better than that it has a story. Before we ever sold one spool of Leviathan we put it to the test. From the remote lakes of Canada to the glass clear waters of Florida, we tested it day in and out.  We abused and trashed it.  We snagged paddlefish in muddy log jam strewn Missouri rivers, slinging giant weights and monster treble hooks and Leviathan always stood strong!

Then our customers got their hands on it and went to battle.  It's being used on charter boats in Alaska to drop hundreds of feet down to monster halibut and lingcod.  Its being used all over South Florida to catch exotic snakeheads and peacock bass.  Monster tarpon and snook on the East Coast, piles of stripers in Texoma, giant bass in Arizona, bass and salmon in New York,  behometh catfish in Oklahoma and the list goes on.  Even giant wels catfish in France have succumb to the strength of Leviathan.

Now Leviathan has a reputation and its lists of battles keep growing.  Leviathan is ready for your battles!

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