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Atko Reaper Monofilament Leader-50 Meters

Atko Reaper Monofilament Leader-50 Meters

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FisIt was the summer of 2021 and my buddy Jeff and I headed to a local lake known for large flathead catfish.  Jeff had been dreaming of a big flatty for a long time and he had a feeling tonight was the night.  He had stopped at a local big box retailer to pick up some leader line and proceeded to tie new leaders on his rigs in anticipation of a monster.

He baited up the biggest bluegill we had on his heftiest setup and tossed it off the end of the dock.  Right about midnight that bait started going crazy and then drag was peeling.  He tightened up on the drag and reeled down on the fish.  His rod bent over hard and then nothing......

When he reeled it up the leader was broken at the hook and the line was all mangled.  Turns out the mono leader material  he picked up was junk and couldn't be trusted.   Jeff was devastated that night.  I made up my mind right then that I would come up with the toughest monofilament leader material so that my fishing buddies could trust it to battle the fish of their dreams.

It took over a year but I'm proud to say that Atko Reaper Monofilament Leader is exactly that!  I trust it for my monster fish so that you know you can too.

What makes Atko Reaper Mono Leader PERFECT for the monster fish you're after?- Glad you asked

     -High Quality Material-Only the best will do for us

     -Superior Abrasion Resistance-You know the beasts hide in nasty places

     -Low Memory-I mean very low memory! I hate trying to to rigs with coiling material.

     -Personally Guaranteed-If its not the best mono leader you've used  then just tell me why so we can make it better.  I'll refund your money immediately

Atko Reaper Monofilament Leader comes with Jason's personal guarantee.  If you don't think its the best dang mono leader you've had your hands on, just get ahold of us and tell me so.  I'll refund your money no questions asked. 

 You know I won't put my name on it unless I can trust it for my fish of a lifetime, because that's what I'm after every time I head out on the water.  

In the end you don't want to think about your leader, you want pictures of that BEAST and the status you've earned as a BEAST SLAYER!!! And that is the peace of mind Atko Reaper Monofilament Leader provides.  

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Customer Reviews

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Evan Warden
Best Leader Line I’ve Put my Hands on

Super Fast Delivery Quality Product Highly Recommended Thanks Atko Fishing

Lee Gohdes
30 lb. Mono Leader

This leader material comes straight off the spool in huge, un-tangling coils because it is packed on a large 3 5/8" spool rather than 1 3/4" or 2 1/2" spools. The spool also has a slotted plastic keeper that keeps the unused material on the spool rather than all over the floor. I am pursuing Norther Pike and I am needing some tooth protection in a leader material for which I believe this product will deliver.

Bryan Ladd
80 lb reaper leader line

I personally have tried alot of mono leader line and I ordered atko fishing 80 lb reaper leader line and I'll never go back it's top notch I drag baits with it anchor in structure and everything else I honestly love it give it a try and see for yourself