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5 Steps to More Fishing Time


Do you struggle to find time to go fishing?  With a life full of responsibilities it can very tough to go "indulge" in fishing when there is so much to do!   Even I can struggle with this from time to time.  But I've developed a little system to make sure I have time to do the things I love and I'd like to share it with you.



      The first thing you have to do is be honest with yourself about how important fishing is in your life.  If fishing is just your excuse to drink beer then it may not rank up there.  Some, like me, feel a calling to fish from deep inside.  If you feel this way too,   then it really is something in life that is non-negotiable.  That being said, its obviously not THE most important thing in my life.  For me my time in the outdoors ranks right under my obligation to serve my family.  

      If I don't find the time to fish and hunt then other areas of my life suffer.  It really is an integral part of my being.  Therefore I must schedule it into my life.



     The next thing you need to do is eliminate things in your life that are lower on the priority list. These are the time stealers.  Do you spend time working on things that really don't bring you the gratification that fishing does?  If those things aren't part of a higher priority then you need to consider putting it on the chopping block. Maybe you've started collecting hobbies and are trying to do too many things. 

      I came to this conclusion a few years back when I realized I couldn't keep up with fantasy football because I was spending every Sunday afternoon in the deer stand and had no idea what was going on with the NFL.   Since then I made up my mind that I would not try to follow professional sports at all.  That opened up more space for the things that truly matter to me.



      So of course there are going to be other things that MUST be done and can't be eliminated but they definitely eat into your time on the water.  Those things you should consider outsourcing.  Maybe you hire the kid down the street to mow the yard, or you order your groceries online and have them delivered. Maybe instead of painting your own house this summer you hire it out.  Whatever it is, be creative and look for ways to have someone else to do it for you.



      This seems rather simple but it honestly is the most important step!  Put it on the schedule.  Things that are on the calendar get done.  Fishing is a priority in my life so I make a slot for it and when something else to do comes up, I just move it farther down on the calendar.  So write it down and give your fishing a spot on the calendar.  I guarantee that you will go fishing a lot more when its actually given a spot on the schedule. 


5 GO   

      So now you've rearranged life to give yourself the time.  Next thing you have to do is give yourself PERMISSION!  Sometimes I can still get some guilt creeping up on me.  I hear that little voice telling me there are other things I could be doing.  At that point I take a moment to give myself permission to go and leave it at that.

     If you're struggling to find the time to go fishing I hope this helps you and I'd love to hear what you think in the comments below.



Jason Atkins

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  • Great article!!!
    I have to do all the “honey do’s” throughout the week so that I’m able to hit the water on the weekends

    Rick Southerland
  • It has taken me several years to get to the point that I am doing exactly what you are talking about. And now that I have gotten older I find myself wanting to fish more than hunt. And now have gave up some small game hunting just to do more fishing. So what you said make a lot of sense if you just think about it.

    Dennis Heiple

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