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It's Time for Sportsmen to Shine

Yesterday afternoon a friend of mine stopped by to drop off some fresh turkey meat from a big ol' gobbler he killed that morning.   I really enjoy myself a good taco made from the legs and thighs and he was happy to oblige knowing they would go to good use.

That got me to thinking how many times as sportsmen we've shared our harvest with others .  I can't count the number of times I've handed off some fish or game to a friend.  Many times I've sent venison to a family in need or put it in the freezer at our church pantry.  

And just like yesterday, I have been the recipient of someone else's catch!  Not that long ago, a cousin stopped by and brought me some quail and sandhill crane.   I have a good friend that will give me crappie anytime I ask.  In fact, he is happy to just go out catch some just for his ole buddy any time I have a hankering and just can't get there myself!

Of course we don't just share the raw goods, we love cooking them up for folks as well.   One of my favorite memories of my childhood was my uncle coming over in the morning before work and bringing some fresh fried wild turkey nuggets.  They were still warm and oh so delicious! 

Most fisherman I know love nothing more than to save some fish up and throw a big ol' fish fry party.  It is really satisfying to see everyone having a good time and enjoying the fruit of your labor.

For quite a while I was throwing fight night parties for the guys and cooking up some pretty serious spreads of wild game party foods.  Those were some good times!

I said all of that not to brag on my friends and myself because we are no different than most other sportsmen out there. I just wanted to make the point that most hunters and fisherman are generous with their goods and to put the thought out there that during these hard times, this can be our time to shine!  With the current crisis and quarantine going on a  lot of folks are struggling.  A lot of elderly folks are afraid to even leave their house.

This is a great time to open our freezers to our community. How awesome would it be to go catch a mess of crappie for that old timer down the street that can't get out right now?  Or maybe take some venison to that family that's laid off down the street.  If you're a catch and release fisherman....well, now would be a good time to throw some keepers in the livewell and share with the community.  I understand that there have been a lot of government measures to help those in need, but I know for a fact that many folks don't fit right into the qualifications and are falling through the cracks.

This is also a great time to share our knowledge with folks.  People have extra time on their hands.  We could give some interested neighbors a lessons on fishing basics or teach them how to hunt nightcrawlers after dark with a flashlight and how to turn a can of worms into a stringer of bluegill.  Everywhere you look, there are opportunities to share and spread our love of the outdoors.

Not only will we be helping those in need, but also garnering goodwill for the sportsmen community!  Lord knows we have more enemies than ever before.  This truly is a time for us to shine.


Jason Atkins

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