The Best Valentines Gift I Ever Received

Over twenty years ago, when my wife and I were dating, I received the most memorable Valentines gift of my life.  We were exchanging gifts and she handed me a heart shaped chocolate box.  When I saw the box I honestly wasn't that excited.  I'm not a big sweets guy.  But then when I got my hands on it I heard that familiar sound that fisherman all know.  You know when hard baits hooks and internal rattles shake in a box?  Yeah, that sound!  Honestly It caught me off guard and left a lasting impression on me.  Its probably why I proposed to her!

So I was thinking about this the other day and decided we would put together a few boxes of tackle and goodies in a heart shaped box so others could feel the same way.

Here's what you get:

4 Atko Crankbaits 

1 Atko Poison Frog

1 Atko Fish Slime Lip Balm Pack

300Yd Atko 12lb Megla Monofilament

All packed in a heart shaped gift box

That's over $50 Value for just $37.99!!!

Atko Valentines Gift Box

We only have a few left so if you want to give your fisherman a gift he/she won't forget, don't delay!  They will be shipped out right away via Priority Mail so you can get them in time for Friday.


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