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Uni to Uni Leader Knot

Someone messaged me the other day wanting to know what Knot to use to connect a mono leader to braid. I realized that while I'm always so ready to deep dive into the mental aspects of fishing, I sometimes overlook sharing the small things that can really improve someone's time on the water.

I made this quick video and shared it on Instagram. It seemed to help a lot of peeps so I'll give it a permanent home here.

The Uni Uni Knot is what I consider the easiest and fastest quality knot for connecting two lines. 

Its great for braid to monofilament or fluorocarbon. I've used it to splice braid while in the middle of fishing as well. 

As explained in the video you want to use a minimum of 7-8 wraps for braid and 5 for mono

Also if you practice your knots with paracord, you'll get a better understanding of how they work. 

I'll break down another knot real soon



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  • What do you think of the FG knot?

  • Will try it very soon , thanks for sharing your expertise v

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