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Fish Slime Lip Balm

Fish Slime Lip Balm

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  • Three All Natural Flavors, Carp Lips(unflavored), Bass Breath(peppermint), Marlin Mouth(Citrus)
  • Perfect Blend of All Natural Ingredients lik Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Calendula Oil, and Essential Oils
  • Has an SPF15 Rating to Protect From the Harsh Sun
  • Makes a Great Gift for Fishermen and Other Outdoorsmen!
  • Don't Worry, it Contains No Actual Fish Slime!!


          Serious anglers and outdoorsmen brave the toughest of elements for their prize reward. Often the harsh sun, wind and rain can really take its toll. That is why our Fish Slime lip balm has the perfect blend of all natural ingredients like beeswax, calendula oil, coconut oil, and essential oils plus an SPF 15 rating to keep your lips well protected so that when you catch your monster from the deep, you can give it the kiss it deserves!! Don't worry this product contains no actual fish slime.