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Atko Leviathan X8

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Everything you love about the original Leviathan now smoother with 8 strands!

When that beast is on the end of your line the only thing you want to think about is the glorious photo you are going to take with it.  You also might be thinking about those fish and chips you'll be munching down later too (if your net man has what it takes).  The one thing you don't want to be thinking about is your line.

Well you're in luck! Atko Leviathan comes  preloaded with beast slaying confidence!  Of course it has all the characteristics you expect from your braid, sensitivity, zero stretch for long hook sets, and thin diameter. But more importantly it comes with an abusive past.   

You see we won't put our name on something unless it can handle being horribly mistreated.  That's great if you are the type to treat your equipment like a show car, but thats not who we are.  We're hard working and even harder fishing rednecks. We fish in gnarly places covered in sweat, blood and bugs.  We fish in the salt and sand all night long and forget to clean our equipment.  We work for a living so our gear rides with us all summer long so we can run right to the water after punching out.  That means our equipment spends day in and day out in a melting hot truck.  We leave our line on our spools for way too many years and we fish for the biggest beasts we can find no matter where we find ourselves.  Atko Leviathan Braid never lets us down and we never think twice about it holding up to our abuse.