Atko Reaper Monofilament Leader-50 Meters

Atko Reaper Monofilament Leader-50 Meters

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The business end of your line is where all the action happens and sometimes you need a little something special down there to take the extra abuse.  Are you gonna trust it to some generic stuff off the giant box store shelf? Or are you gunna put the Reaper to work?

What makes Atko Reaper Mono Leader PERFECT for the monster fish you're after?- Glad you asked

     -High Quality Material-Only the best will do

     -Superior Abrasion Resistance-You know the beasts hide in nasty places

     -Low Memory-I mean very low memory! I hate trying to to rigs with coiling material.

     -Personally Guaranteed-If its not the best mono leader you've used  then just tell me why so we can make it better.  I'll refund your money immediately

Atko Reaper Monofilament Leader comes with Jason's personal guarantee.  If you don't think its the best dang mono leader you've had your hands on, just get ahold of us and tell me so.  I'll refund your money no questions asked. 

 You know I won't put my name on it unless I can trust it for my fish of a lifetime, because that's what I'm after every time I head out on the water.  

In the end you don't want to think about your leader, you want pictures of that BEAST and the status you've earned as a BEAST SLAYER!!! And that is the peace of mind Atko Reaper Monofilament Leader provides.